Welcome to the Aussie Shopper Homepage.

What is it?

AussieShopper is a service that helps you in finding specials in the land down under. You simply need to provide it with a few words that describe your interests and you will receive the latest bargains straight to your pocket. For example, If I’m in the market for new earphones, I add that as an interest and I will get notified when the service finds a deal on earphones.

It works by consuming the fantastic deals at OzBargain and delivers the specials to you via the Telegram chat application. To make use of AussieShopper, search for the Telegram bot @AussieShopperBot or simply click on https://telegram.me/aussieshopperbot to add the bot automatically.

Placeholder image
Find the AussieShopperBot by typing @AussieShopperBot

How does it work?

After you add the bot and send it the /start command, you can interact with it via the following commands:

  • /addinterest <interest> allows you to add a word as an interest for example /addinterest earphones.
  • /removeinterest <interest> does the opposite. <interest> can also be a term such as "belkin plug".
  • /reset to remove all interests.
  • /latest will show you the "latest" deals since you last checked or from the beginning of the day so as not to spam you with a lot of messages.
  • /listinterest lists your currently registered interests.
  • /contact <text> to send a message to the admin ex. /contact I love your work.
  • /help will send you some help regarding the available commands.
Sample of Telegram bot interests listing
This screenshot shows how you will receive specials matching your interests. The message will include a link to the original Ozbargain page mentioning the special.
Sample of Telegram bot general interaction
This screenshot shows a sample interaction with the bot. It shows functions such as adding an interest and asking to see the help message.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is hard and I created this service because I needed it. I'd like to share it as long as I can. This product is free for now.

How can I get in touch?

If you already have and use the bot, you can use the /contact <message> command and your message will reach me.

Otherwise, you can use the form below.